PIXEY: “Everything is like a recycled form of the past”

The Liverpool singer also reflected on her first ever tour supporting Alfie Templeman

PIXEY has shared what people expect from her debut mini-album ‘Dreams, Pains & Paper Planes’. Watch our video interview with PIXEY above.

Speaking to NME at Truck Festival in Oxfordshire this weekend (July 24), the Liverpool singer said the album will be a “big, broad overview” of her as an artist.

“It’s like me putting out what I think I can give in terms of writing and production,” she said. “It’s not really a concept album or anything like that. I think the sounds bend genres, which is something I really enjoy, but also I’m trying to find my favourite sound. But this is like a collection of all the things I love to write.”


She added that songs will feature a lot of breakbeats and reverb. In a press release, she also wrote that she wanted to keep a “sunny sound”, but was “more anxious lyrically.

“I want the listener to feel like they can dip into an alternate world for a while, whether it’s comforting or not,” she added.

PIXEY’s latest song ‘Recycled Paper Planes’ is the second cut from the forthcoming mini-album, following last month’s ‘Come Around (Sunny Day)’. The album will follow last year’s ‘Sunshine State’ EP.

The singer told NME that ‘Recycled Paper Planes’, which was written, recorded and produced in one day in her bedroom, has drawn a lot of comparisons to a classic M.I.A.’ song.

“Someone wrote this review that was like, ‘Well it’s not quite ‘Paper Planes’’, I was like, ‘The point of the song is nothing is ever original’,” she said. “Everything is like a recycled form of the past, whether you like it or not, as much as we all like to think we’re original. I like to think I am! ”


“Obviously, inevitably sometimes things are gonna take inspiration from the past, but it’s not a bad thing. I work with samples and things like that, so that’s what the song’s about.”

The singer recently finished her first ever tour supporting Alfie Templeman, which she described as her “dream first tour”.

“Alfie is a character,” she added. “[His] fans are so amazing, so loving, so committed, and just so supportive as well, it’s a really nice crowd. And they can dance as well!”

‘Dreams, Pains & Paper Planes’ will be released in September via Chess Club Records.