Frank Black criticises new Pixies documentary

‘They manipulated the whole thing’ claims frontman

Pixies frontman Frank Black has criticised a new documentary on the band’s 2004 tour, calling it “exaggerated” and the filmmakers “naïve”.

The film, ‘loudQUIETloud’, was premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival yesterday (August 22).

Speaking to The Guardian, Black said: “I’ve got nothing against the film or the film-makers, but they manipulated the whole thing. They wanted a story, and that story became this tension within the band, how awful we got along.”

He also criticised the directors, Steven Cantor and Matthew Galkin, saying: “They were naïve, like a lot of people who don’t understand how rock bands are when they go on tour.

“I guess they expected us to be like The Monkees, always up to mischief. But we’re boring, you know. And touring is boring. You just sit around not talking to each other.”

However, Black, known as Black Francis in Pixies’ heyday, has also admitted that the conflict captured in the video is a reality for the band. He said: “The movie as it stands is basically truthful, even though it’s exaggerated.”