Pixies preview new music ahead of summer live dates – watch

Band unveil trailer video with caption: "Pixies coming... 2016"

Pixies have hinted that they will release new music in 2016, previewing a snippet of a new track in a teaser video.

The band previously confirmed that they’re intending to follow up their 2014 ‘Indie Cindy’ LP, which was their first studio album since 1991, with new material in the works.

Now they have shared a video that features 20 seconds of distortion and the caption “Pixies coming… 2016”. Watch below.


Last year saw Pixies perform a new song called ‘Um Chagga Lagga’ live. The song was debuted during a live show at New York’s Beacon Theatre in May.

“We are working on new music,” Pixies guitarist Joey Santiago recently told Billboard. “Sometimes we try [new songs] out live. It depends how we feel – and that’s how we do it always; the set list always depends on how we feel. These songs are a little more precious, a little more shy to come out live.”

Drummer Dave Lovering added: “We don’t write anything down. Behind each of the songs, we’re trying to do something that we haven’t done since we were a baby band. We have the opportunity to do these songs and play them around clubs, so it’s a really great way to hone it on the road.”


Pixies will also return to the UK for a one-off London gig later this year.

The band will play O2 Academy in Brixton on July 11. Tickets for Pixies’ London gig are on sale now.


Pixies will also play a European live date at Zitadelle in Berlin on July 17. They had previously been announced for Portugal’s NOS Alive, which is set to run between July 7-9 in Lisbon.