Inside story of the Pixies reunion revealed

New film goes backstage with the reformed band

The inside story of the Pixies reunion is set to be revealed in a behind-the-scenes film.

The group who reformed in 2004 for an extensive tour, have been captured in new documentary ‘loudQuietloud: A Film About the Pixies’ which will premiere at this week’s (March 15-19) South By South West music festival in Austin, Texas.

The film features live footage from a series of Pixies‘ shows, plus backstage interviews with the band. Bob Dylan collaborator Daniel Lanois has written an original score.


“It was surprising to see how utterly human this band was, particularly in comparison to their idolised image,” Steven Cantor, who directed the documentary with Matthew Galkin, told Billboard. “They were all coping with pretty standard mid-life issues, and meanwhile all these sold-out crowds were going crazy over them.”

Following the group’s original disintegration in 1993, the director added that the film captures some of the feelings of resentment that still exist between band members.

“Not that they despise one another, they are just not the types of people who talk a lot,” he said. “They would barely talk to each other in the van, get to the venue and go to their dressing rooms and warm up on their own, read or listen to music. And then when they got on stage, there was this electric energy and connection with each other and the audience.”

With the film also reflecting the band’s personal struggles before the reformation, Cantor added that the band’s motivations for the recent link-up had been mixed.

“I feel like 75 per cent of the reason for the reunion was for money, but the other 25 per cent was because of the fact that they’re legends,” said the director.

Currently there is no general release date for ‘loudQuietloud’, but the film is expected to be screened at a series of forthcoming film festivals.