English bands have attitude, says Frank Black

Pixies man can always spot a UK musician

Pixies singer Frank Black claims English musicians are easy to spot because they have more of rock star attitude than then American bands.

Discussing the difference between bands from the two countries, the star suggested British acts try harder to be cool.

“You can always tell which bands in the lobby of the hotel are English bands because they still have their outfits on,” he told Spin. “Or they still have their persona and their sunglasses and they’re like, ‘I’m in a baaaaaand and we’re like thiiiis,’ whereas American bands are a more nerdy – they’re like, ‘Where’s the breakfast buffet?’

Black added: “English bands are lying on the couch hungover, like they’re in the middle of a photoshoot.”

Despite the attitude, Black still claims that many of his favourite bands are English and that he has framed photos of The Kinks on his office wall at home.