The band warm up for the V Festival in style...

PIXIES warmed up for their V FESTIVAL shows with a storming gig at LONDON FORUM last

night (August 20).

The band, whose four-night residency at Brixton Academy earlier this year has already passed into legend, delighted the 1,800 capacity crowd by running through string of classics, including ‘Debaser’, ‘Where Is My Mind?’ and ‘Gigantic’.

Pixies play Stafford Weston Park today (August 21) before heading to Chelmsford Hylands Park tomorrow.

The set was:

‘In Heaven/Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf)’

‘Blown Away’

‘The Holiday Song’

‘Nimrod’s Son’

‘Mr Grieves’


‘Here Comes Your Man’

‘Where Is My Mind?’


‘Planet Of Sound’

‘Crackity Jones’

‘Isla De Encanta’

‘Something Against You’

‘Broken Face’

‘River Euphrates’


‘I Bleed’

‘No 13 Baby’

‘Monkey Gone To Heaven’




‘Gouge Away’




‘Wave Of Mutilation’