Ebay flooded with high-price auctions as music fans try to get hold of tickets...

CALIFORNIA’s COACHELLA festival has become the hottest ticket on the web.

Ebay is now flooded with high-priced auctions for tickets to the May 1 and 2 event, which is sold out of tickets for the first night and weekend passes. The full event is expected to sell out within days.

On Thursday (April 22) a single ticket for Saturday May 1, headlined by Radiohead and the [a][/a], sold for a whopping $405, almost six times its original value. Two weekend passes went for over $700, over twice their original value, and one pass is even listed for the ridiculous amount of $1 million dollars.

The demand is so high that some fans have decided to even auction off their pre-reserved hotel rooms and their places at the official camping sites.