What they played, what they sounded like, what the fans thought. NME.COM was there to see their amazing return...

Pixies made a triumphant return to the stage – their first official live performance in over a decade, last night in MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA.

NME.COM joined hundreds of fans from all across the US and beyond who queued up along First Avenue, in downtown Minneapolis, hours before the group hit the Fine Line Café stage.

Dozens of fans held up homemade signs pleading for tickets, which after an original price of about $35 dollars, had inflated to several hundred dollars a piece.

About 1,000 fans packed the heaving, two-story venue, as Pixies hit the stage a few minutes before 10pm (3 AM UK time).

Bassist Kim Deal walked out first, followed by frontman Frank Black and guitarist Joey Santiago. Drummer Dave Lovering was so overwhelmed by the rapturous cheer, he took a photo of the crowd before the band even played a note.

The group opened with ‘Bone Machine’, followed by ’Wave of Mutilation’, and ’U-Mass’.

The band kept their words to a minimum, instead blasting through a near-perfect 90-minute set that featured a first segment of 20 songs and an encore of five. Following their final tune of the night – ‘Into the White’, the band paused to shake hands and wave at fans who gave a hearty and lengthy cheer.

Adam Bowen, 21, who paid $200 for his ticket on eBay and travelled up from Wisconsin for the show, raved to NME.COM about the performance.

“Seeing a band like this, this close was a once in a lifetime experience,” he said. “I didn’t have to wait very long for their return (because I’m 21), but to see a band this important, get back to (playing live) is always good.”

Johnny Lang, 24, who told NME.COM he took a two-hour flight from Wisconsin for the show, was also impressed.

“They played a few B-sides which sounded really good and ‘Monkey Gone To Heaven’ sounded really good,” he said. “They sounded a lot tighter than I thought they would. They’re amazing.”

Shortly after the show, fans who paid $25 earlier in the evening for a live recording of the gig, received a two-CD set.

The full set list was:

‘Bone Machine’

‘Wave Of Mutilation’


‘Levitate Me’

‘Broken Face’

‘Monkey Gone To Heaven’

‘The Holiday Song’


‘Nimrod’s Son’

‘La La Love You’

‘Ed Is Dead’

‘Here Comes Your Man’




‘#13 Baby’



‘Gouge Away’


‘Isla de Encanta’


‘Wave Of Mutilation (Surf)’

‘Where Is My Mind?’

‘Into The White’