Early works-in-progress from the legendary indie rockers to be made available...

An album of demos by Pixies is to be released.

The record, simply titled ‘Pixies’ will be released in the US on July 9 via SpinArt records. The demos were recorded in Boston in 1987, and feature some songs that eventually became their debut ‘Come On Pilgrim’.

Speaking about the sessions, Frank Black told Rolling Stone: “We knew it might just be a demo if no one was interested in it. It was all still fun. It wasn’t like I had my mortgage riding on the line at age 20 or whatever. I was still running away from my phone bills and school bills. Money was the least of my concerns. It was pure art.”

The tracklisting runs: ‘Broken Face’

‘Build High’

‘Rock A My Soul’

‘Down To The Well’

‘Break My Body’

‘I’m Amazed’

‘Here Comes Your Man’


‘In Heaven’

A spokesperson for the band is currently unavailable to confirm a UK release for the album.