Pixies frontman Black Francis discusses his current relationship with Kim Deal

"It's kind of like she's one step removed from being in the band," says the frontman

Pixies frontman Black Francis has spoken candidly about his relationship with the band’s former member Kim Deal.

Singer/bassist Deal left the band in 2013, shortly before they recorded comeback EP ‘Indie Cindy’. She was initially replaced in the group by Kim Shattuck, but it was later announced that former Zwan member Paz Lenchantin would fill in on a permanent basis.

Francis has described a song he has written for the band’s forthcoming album, ‘All I Think About Now’, which is sung by Lenchantin, as a “thank-you letter” to Deal.


Asked if he is now speaking to Deal, Francis told Rolling Stone: “I mean, you know … It’s … you know … It’s kind of like she’s one step removed from being in the band. And even the people I’m in the band with, we don’t sit around and call each other all the time, like hardly ever.”

“We get back for a tour or a recording session and I don’t speak with them until the next time we’re together. We don’t live in the same town and we’ve all got lives and wives and families and everything,” he continued. “The only person I occasionally talk to is Joey [Santiago, guitarist], and even that is just an out-of-the-blue conversation and it’s usually strange and not anything to do with anything.”

Speaking about Deal recent, Paz Lenchantin said: “I was very nervous in the beginning when I went to that first rehearsal. There were these shoes I felt I had to fill, and I tried to do the best I could for the fans. I tried to make the live performances true to the originals and I spent three years learning to understand what being a Pixie meant. Now my heart, spirit and love for their music is embedded in me and I feel like I have become a Pixie. We had been more about the history of Pixies, but now we’re going forward.”

Pixies’ new album, ‘Head Carrier’, will be released on September 30. It has been preceded by lead single ‘Um Chagga Lagga’. Pixies have recently announced they will support the album with a six-date UK tour this winter.