Pixies unveil video for ‘Silver Snail’ – watch

The track comes from the band's recently released fifth album 'Indie Cindy'

Pixies have unveiled the video for their song ‘Silver Snail’.

Click above to watch the Mount Emult directed promo for the track, which comes from their most recent album, ‘Indie Cindy’. In a statement about the video, Black Francis commented: “We’ve always liked the idea of working with young, up-and-coming, independent film makers, as we think that their energy and vision would probably best compliment what we’ve tried to do with our music. Consequently, we’ve really had very little creative input in this new ‘Silver Snail’ video or any of the others that have been made for the ‘Indie Cindy’ project. I think the only direction we’ve given any of those who have made a music video for us this time was just to be as creative and innovative as they want – no barriers. And looking back at the series of videos we have for this project, they’ve all done just that.”

Pixies will play a host of UK festivals this summer, headlining London’s Field Day on June 8, as well as appearing at Glastonbury, Eden Sessions and T In The Park.

Black Francis will also co-present a film event at the British Library on June 7. He will be attending an evening of film and literature with Josh Frank and Steven Appleby – the co-creators of his SelfMadeHero illustrated book The Good Inn a novel about art, conflict and the pioneers of early cinema.

The event will include a screening of Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí’s Un Chien Andalou, and Georges Méliès’s iconic 1902 film A Trip To The Moon. This will be followed by an onstage discussion with Francis, Frank and Appleby. After the event there will be a book signing by all three of the artists. Appleby’s artwork for The Good Inn will also be on display at the British Library in London on the night. For more information head to Bl.uk.