New Pixies bassist talks replacing Kim Deal

Paz Lenchantin is the band's second bassist since Deal's departure

Pixies‘ new bassist has described the band’s transition following Kim Deal’s departure as “a dating period” and compared her predecessor to a “rebound”.

Paz Lenchantin, the second bassist to join the band after Deal left in 2013, told Pitchfork that she was happy not to be the first to take her place.

Referring to the first replacement for Deal, Kim Shattuck, Lenchantin said: “As far as the first replacement, I’m actually really happy that they gave her a chance”.


She then went on to compare the situation to a dating experience, saying: “I don’t know what happened exactly, but in a way, it’s like they were dating. It’s like, you’re giving it the chance. And then you realise, ‘Oh, something’s not really right.’ So instead of coming in after Kim Deal, it was after a dating period, or maybe a rebound. You don’t want to go right after they’ve been together with someone—‘Is this kind of a rebound, what is this?’”


Lenchantin also spoke about the last Pixies album, ‘Indie Cindy’, which gained mixed reviews from critics. “I think it’s a really honest approach to a transitional form that the Pixies were in by losing a crucial member, and I think it was wise for them to go in more of an experimental route with exploring other things.”

Pixies frontman Black Francis has spoken of new album ‘Head Carrier’, which will be released on September 30. When asked to describe his goal for the record, Francis replied: “For a listener to be able to remove themselves from the narratives that they might have in their head about the band.”