Pixies kick off US leg of ‘Doolittle’ tour in Los Angeles

Frank Black and co get things off to a raucous start

Pixies kicked off the US leg of their ‘Doolittle’ tour at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles tonight (November 4), delivering a no-frills, energetic set that included several B-sides and crowd-pleasing singles in addition to their landmark 1989 album.

Scenes from Luis Bunuel‘s surrealist film ‘Un Chien Andalou’ played on a screen as the band took the stage. Lit from the back and bathed in shadow, the quartet kicked things off with a handful of B-sides including ‘Bailey’s Walk’ and ‘Weird At My School’ before launching into the core of ‘Doolittle’.

Frontman Frank Black hardly spoke a word to the crowd the entire evening, leaving Kim Deal to do the talking.


The bassist periodically updated the crowd about what the band were playing. “These are B- sides,” she announced several times, and later stated: “We’re about halfway through side one.”

Performing beneath a screen filled with unusual images including eyeless baby dolls and shiny pistols, Pixies delivered a series of crowd-pleasers, with the audience pogoing furiously during ‘Debaser’, while the high-octane ‘Tame’ incited a moshing frenzy.

“Is anyone coming back tomorrow?” Deal asked as the show reached it climax. After several people cheered, she then quipped “We’re playing the same thing!”

The band took their first bow at the hour mark, after running through the entire tracklisting of ‘Doolittle’, but soon returned for an encore playing the ‘UK Surf’ version of ‘Wave Of Mutilation’ plus ‘Into The White’.

The adoring crowd cheered and chanted for nearly 10 minutes before the quartet returned for a second encore, treating the audience to ‘Isla De Encanta’, ‘Gigantic’, and ‘Where Is My Mind?’.

Pixies are set to perform two more nights at the Hollywood Palladium, Thursday (November 5) and Friday (November 6), before taking ‘Doolittle’ around US.


Pixies played:

‘Dancing The Manta Ray’
‘Weird At My School’
‘Bailey’s Walk’
‘Manta Ray’
‘Wave Of Mutilation’
‘I Bleed’
‘Here Comes Your Man’
‘Monkey Gone To Heaven’
‘Mr Grieves’
‘Crackity Jones’
‘La La Love You’
‘No 13 Baby’
‘There Goes My Gun’
‘Gouge Away’
‘Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf)’
‘Into The White’
‘Isla De Encanta’
‘Where Is My Mind?’