Pixies to sign limited-edition copies of ‘Minotaur’ box set

'It's almost fetishistic' says Frank Black of career-spanning set

Pixies have announced that all four members of the band will sign all 3,000 limited-edition copies of their career-spanning box set, ‘Minotaur’, which is available for pre-order beginning today (June 15).

Speaking about the unique package (click on the video below for a preview), frontman Frank Black told NME.COM that he thinks of it as more of an art piece than a traditional box set.

“I saw the prototype at my house and the box was like one-and-half feet by three feet,” Black said. “It’s not a typical box set, it’s more a combination of CD and DVD materials mixed in with an oversized art book. It’s almost fetishistic. It has a sensual ‘touch me, open me, look at all my crevices’ kind of feel to it.”


Black said that he was thrilled to learn that artist Vaughan Oliver, who designed the band’s original iconic album covers including ‘Surfer Rosa’ and ‘Doolittle’, had decided to create all new art for the box set.

“We were a band that didn’t really have an image,” Black explained of the Pixies‘ early days in the 1980s. “We had a relationship with this graphic designer [Oliver] who was the one person who was really allowed to interpret us, our image or our lack of it, without any interference from us. That’s what unique about the box set is that once again he’s coming up with all new graphics and art.”

Oliver, who also designed covers for other 4AD artists including Cocteau Twins, The Breeders and Dead Can Dance, said he welcomed the challenge of creating new images for the ‘Minotaur’ set.

“I quite liked the idea of throwing the original art out of the window and starting again,” Oliver told NME.COM. “There’s so much rich visual imagery in their music, there’s a lot to work with. Now, 20 years later, I’ve got the benefit of hindsight,” he said.

Black revealed there was originally some debate as to what music to include in the box set. “There was talk of B-sides and lost tapes and I said no, we don’t need to put in the extra bull crap. The five definitive statements from the band are these five recordings. That’s what we released. The crème de la crème are these five studio records.”

When asked about the significant $495 price tag of the limited-edition box set, Black said, “These things aren’t cheap to manufacture or buy. This is a limited thing, not just schlepped out into the universe — there are only 3,000 of them. You have to be interested in this type of thing. If not, I don’t recommend you spend $500. It’s a giant tangible art object, with original prints, photos DVDs and Blu-rays, not just CDs.”


The ‘Minotaur’ limited-edition set weighs in at approximately 25 pounds and comes in a custom clamshell container that resembles the Monolith from the classic film ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. In addition to the original studio albums, it includes Blu-ray and DVD discs; five 12-inch albums cut from the original analogue tapes and pressed on 180-gram vinyl; a faux-fur hardcover 96-page book of Oliver and photographer Simon Larbalestier‘s project artwork, and two wall posters. A $175 deluxe edition is also available.

For further information, visit Ainr.com. A new digital press release about the box set can be viewed here.

Meanwhile, the Pixies just gave their first live UK performance in nearly four years at the Isle Of Wight festival this weekend, and are gearing up for a handful of European shows later this month.

–By our Los Angeles staff.
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