Pixies announce new album in VHS trailer for upcoming podcast series – watch

Go behind-the-scenes as the group record new material in NYC

Pixies are set to release a new album this year and have documented its recording with an upcoming series of podcasts. Check out the trailer below.

The legendary Boston band released their last album, ‘Head Carrier’, in 2016. In a four-star review, NME said: “You’ll struggle to find a better collection of indie rock songs this year. The reunion of the century keeps on kicking.”

Now, it has been announced that the group will release a new record this September – with the news being revealed in a teaser for a 12-part weekly podcast.

Hosted by music journalist Tony Fletcher, ‘Past is Prologue’ will delve into the making of the upcoming LP, which was written across 2018 and recorded in New York last December. The series will begin June 27, leading up to the album’s arrival.

The new teaser video for the upcoming show begins with old VHS footage of Pixies gigs, as a voiceover says: “Imagine that fourteen years after returning to the scene, you’re back in the studio recording a new album to build on your legacy and take your place at the forefront of the genre that YOU created.

“Imagine that you’re a member… of the Pixies.”

A statement on ‘Past is Prologue’ says of the podcast: “Every episode will document the band’s new music, from its earliest stages through to completion, giving fans the opportunity to witness the evolution of the tracks.”

Last year, Pixies celebrated the 30th anniversary of their albums ‘Surfer Rosa’ and ‘Come On Pilgrim’. The band showcased the projects at a five-night residency at London’s Roundhouse.