PJ Harvey: ‘I had to learn to play guitar again’

Singer reveals challenge behind making new album

PJ Harvey has revealed how she struggled to pick up the guitar again after leaving it untouched between records.

Speaking to music magazine The Wire, the singer explained how she leaves instruments untouched for years, only choosing to rediscover them if she’s planning to record or perform.

“It occurred to me the other day, I am a songwriter. I’m not a musician, in that I won’t touch an instrument from one year to the next unless I’m performing or recording,” Harvey admitted.

Picking up the guitar again in preparation for her new record ‘White Chalk’ therefore created problems for the singer, and even blistered fingers.

“It all goes on in here, in my brain,” she said. “I write the songs in my brain and then come to the instruments at the last minute. This goes for the guitar as well. I had to practice hard for a month just to learn to play guitar again. My fingers were blistered.”

The new PJ Harvey album, ‘White Chalk’, will be released on September 24.