The star says she's "very drawn to dealing with taboo subject matter"...

PJ Harvey has said the follow-up to her award winning ‘STORIES FROM THE CITY, STORIES FROM THE SEA’ album will retain the same “dark” themes.

PJ Harvey has already started writing songs for the follow-up to last year’s album, which has received huge critical acclaim and won this year’s Mercury Music Prize.

Speaking in the current issue of Q Magazine, she said that she remains fascinated by “taboo subject matter”.

She said: “A lot of the songs I’ve already written delve into dark areas again. ‘Stories From The City…’ satisfies a piece in me, but it doesn’t satisfy me in a whole way.

“I’m still looking for something that kind of covers all areas and I am very, very drawn to music that is unsettling, uncomfortable, dark, dealing with taboo subject matter. That’s really where my heart of hearts lies.”

A new album is not expected before 2002.