Hear tracks from POLLY HARVEY's new album 'Is This Desire' on the net NOW!....

PJ Harvey‘s new album ‘Is This Desire’ is released next week, September 28, but four tracks are available right now, with a new song being added every day this week on PJ Harvey’s web site.

The first four songs – ‘The Wind’, ‘Angelene’, ‘Catherine’ and ‘The Garden’ – were posted on Sunday (September 20).

‘Is This Desire’, Harvey’s fifth album, continues on from where ‘To Bring You My Love’ left off, with the addition of a heavier dance elemnt on some tracks.


“I started listening to a lot of drum’n’bass stuff and techno, things I’d never really listened to before, things I used to write off,” she tells NME. “I used to just hear it as just starting and ending, but then I started hearing all the tiny little subtle changes that were going on. I listened to a lot of Aphex Twin, some of his sounds are (i)amazing(i), and I wanted to start making sounds like that.”

Harvey makes her screen acting debut as Mary Magdalene in the forthcoming Hal Hartley film The Book Of Life. She also makes a cameo appearance in A Bunny’s Tale, a short film by actress Sarah Miles.

In an NME[/I] interview that will appear in the paper’s October 3 issue, Polly discusses her relationship with Nick Cave, her support for fox-hunting and which haircare products she uses to get her barnet just, so.

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