A statement on Harvey's official website indicates a recording session did take place...

Exclusive studio pictures of PJ Harvey taken during the recording of her new album have been posted on her official website, and rumours that HARVEY has collaborated with Radiohead‘s THOM YORKE have been given yet more credibility.

The pictures, which can be seen at [url=]www.pjh.org, were taken by photographer Maria Mochnacz during the recent recording session at Great Linford Manor Studios. Two shots are available on the site, one in black and white, the other in colour. Both show a happy PJ Harvey during breaks from recording.

A statement on the site also claims that her new album is now nearing completion, and that “there may just be some truth” to recent rumours that Radiohead vocalist Thom Yorke joined PJ Harvey in the studio to work on a track with her.


As reported on nme.com in April, Yorke was rumoured to have entered a recording studio in Milton Keynes to record a vocal part for Harvey‘s new album. However, at the time, both Radiohead and Harvey‘s press offices were unable to confirm the collaboration.

These current recording sessions will become Harvey‘s fifth studio album, the follow-up to her 1998 record ‘Is This Desire?’. Harvey is recording with long-time drummer Rob Ellis, and Mick Harvey from Nick Cave‘s Bad Seeds.