PJ Harvey creates ‘Let England Shake’ ‘video album’

Singer creates promos for all of the songs on latest effort

PJ Harvey has created a ‘video album’ for ‘Let England Shake’, making clips for all the record’s tracks.

The videos have been directed by Seamus Murphy and were first posted online at PJHarvey.net. The video for the song ‘All & Everyone’ will be unveiled next week.

Scroll down and click below to watch all the videos released so far.

In related news, the singer recently admitted that the follow-up to ‘Let England Shake’ could ‘take ten years’ to come out. She also explained that ‘Let England Shake’ was the product of “hundreds of pieces of writing: entirely finished poems and songs, entirely recorded songs”.

‘Let England Shake’

‘The Last Living Rose’

‘The Glorious Land’

‘The Words That Maketh Murder’

‘On Battleship Hill’


‘In The Dark Places’

‘Bitter Branches’

‘Hanging In The Wire’

‘Written On The Forehead’

‘The Colour Of The Earth’