PJ Harvey: ”Let England Shake’ follow-up could take ten years’

Singer also reveals artistic inspirations

PJ Harvey has revealed she has several ideas for her next album – but said it could take up to ten years before it is released.

The singer put out her eighth studio album ‘Let England Shake’ in February – but fans have been warned the follow-up may take some time to conceive.

“If it takes ten years then I would rather wait and know that I felt each piece was strong than feel that it was time to put something out but five pieces are a bit weak,” she told The Observer.

Harvey added that ‘Let England Shake’ was the product of “hundreds of pieces of writing: entirely finished poems and songs, entirely recorded songs.”

The singer also discussed her songwriting process and the places she draws influence from when writing new material.

“I’m probably much more influenced by film-makers and painters than I am by other songwriters or poets,” she said.

Earlier this year, the Imperial War Museum said it was considering offering PJ Harvey the opportunity to become a war correspondent after she told NME that she had researched a range of wars before writing lyrics for ‘Let England Shake’.