PJ Harvey: ‘John Parish collaboration almost never happened’

Watch a video interview with duo on NME.COM now

PJ Harvey has admitted that her latest album – the John Parish-featuring ‘A Woman a Man Walked By’ – almost never saw the light of day.

In a video interview with NME Radio (which you can watch below) the Dorset-based singer said she discovered a long-lost cassette tape featuring an early version of recent single ‘Black Hearted Love’, which she liked so much she felt compelled enough to get back in touch with Parish, 13 years after their last collaborative effort, ‘Dance Hall At Louse Point’.

“I came across a cassette tape of a song that was ‘Black Hearted Love’ that John and I had made maybe six or seven years prior to that,” she explained.

She added: “It was actually a piece of music that John had written and given to me and asked me for a lyric idea for one of his solo albums. And we never used, or he never used it. It was at that moment, that this was the right time for us to make a record.”

To watch the video interview in full – which also includes chat about the PJ Harvey and John Parish‘s history together and their upcoming tour, scroll down now.