But c'mon people - Give the gal a decent script....

PJ HARVEY has spoken about how she would “love” to continue working as an actress – and has already turned down a number of scripts following her part in the HAL HARTLEY movie ‘THE BOOK OF LIFE’.

Speaking in an interview with the Canadian website [url=]www.canoe.ca

Harvey said she would like to act again, but only if the part is not one of an “angst-ridden rock musician”.

She said: “I am reading a script somebody sent me. People send me scripts, and I have only had to say no. Either I felt the script wasn’t strong or it wasn’t the right part for me. So often, people tend to offer me female, angst-ridden rock musicians, which I don’t want to play. So I am just waiting for the right part, but it is something I am really interested in…

“I was offered a part in an Alison Anders movie, which has just recently been made. But I was to be cast as a rock musician, and that isn’t what I wanted to do. I was offered another one as an ageing female rocker. Oh God! I’m ageing now! No, I didn’t want to do that (either).

“I was offered another part – a female going around ripping men’s heads off. I thought, that is going to do my man-hating image a world of good!”

Harvey added the friends she made in New York while working on ‘The Book Of Life’ prompted her move to the US to work on songs for her current album ‘Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea’. She continued: “I made a network of friends when I made a film with Hal Hartley at the beginning of ’98. I thought, ‘Oh, I’ll go there and see my New York friends’.”

Harvey said the new record was referred to as “the pop album” during the recording process, and she considers the record “highly energetic, very clean, very well-produced”. She said: “It was a very clear decision – I listen to what the songs want and need. And they all wanted to be pop songs. They were very simply structured, two and half minutes, they have a beginning and an end and a big chorus. That’s what it wanted to be, so that’s what I let it be, instead of forcing it into something that it didn’t want to be.”

PJ Harvey will play a US tour throughout December, before returning to the UK for two previously announced London shows at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire on February 11-12.