West Country girl seduces national TV...

PJ Harvey appeared on late-night U.S. talk show The Tonight Show with Jay Leno yesterday (October 17) to promote her upcoming album, ‘Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea’.

Harvey was accompanied by her live band, which currently includes Laika frontwoman Margaret Fiedler on guitar, for a performance of ‘Good Fortune’, a track which features on the new record.

Afterwards, Harvey joined host Jay Leno for a brief chat, which began with Leno’s inquiry into the function of PJ‘s in-ear monitors.


“These are my friends,” explained PJ. “They live in my ears.”

Harvey also discussed the difficulties she often encounters visiting the States, due to an incident in 1992 when her manager sent her over without a visa, assuming she could obtain one when she arrived.

“I’ve got a black mark on my passport,” said Harvey, who joked that during the incident, she was basically “interrogated at gunpoint.”

Apparently customs officials are quite fond of Mr. Leno‘s show, however. “I said ‘I’ve come over to play the Jay Leno show and she just let me straight through,” said PJ, explaining the ease with which she travelled on her latest visit.

Harvey also did her best to explain the traditions of upcoming holiday Guy Fawkes Day to Leno and the American audience, briefly relating the story of Fawkes’ failed terrorist attempts.

“We still celebrate it and burn his effigy,” she said.


“Well,” replied a smirking Leno, “We have something similar here. We call it the election.”