Placebo drummer quits the band

Steve Hewitt has 'grown apart' from rest of group

Placebo drummer Steve Hewitt has left the band after 11 years.

In a statement singer Brian Molko said: “Being in a band is very much like being in a marriage and in couples – in this case a triple. People can grow apart over the years.

“To say you don’t love your partner anymore is inaccurate considering all that you’ve been through and achieved together. There simply comes a point when you realise that you want different things from your relationship and that you can no longer live under the same roof, so to speak.”


The split is described as “amicable”.

Hewitt replaced Robert Schultzberg on the drums in 1996 while the band were recording their debut self–titled album, and had been with them ever since.

The two remaining members Molko and bassist Stefan Olsdal are “in no rush to find an immediate replacement” for Hewitt according to

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