Placebo to return to the studio in 2012

The trio will begin work on the follow-up to ‘Battle For The Sun’ next year

Placebo are set to start work on their new album next year.

The band admitted that they are currently “still recovering” from their two year tour to promote their last album, 2009’s ‘Battle For The Sun’ but are already writing material for their next album.

Speaking to, bassist Stefan Olsdal has said that the band will need “a bit of a breather” before they properly start work on their seventh studio album, but that the trio will be back recording in 2012.

“The shape and sound of the next album will be decided when we get back together,” said Olsdal. “I suppose once we came off the road it was kind of hard to plug in a distorted guitar again, because we’d done that every night for the best part of two years. When we came back home it was nice to hear nice, clean, acoustic sounds, so maybe we’ll still feel that way when we start to [record the album].”