Placebo’s Brian Molko: ‘Spotify are just interested in making money at the expense of others’

Frontman backs up Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich's comments about music streaming service

Placebo frontman Brian Molko has backed Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich’s anti-Spotify comments, saying he does not see the point in giving away all of his band’s music to the service when the money is so “negligible”.

Molko spoke to Music Week following the Atoms For Peace duo’s decision to remove all of their solo music and new album ‘Amok’ from the streaming service, which they claim is “bad for new music”. Giving his own take on the subject, Molko says: “The jury’s still out on Spotify. I don’t see any problem with putting your singles up there because they are on the radio and people can ‘audio hijack’ them – but I don’t see the point in negotiating really good digital rights for your record company for them to just put [all your music on streaming services].”

Discussing his views on the motivation behind Spotify, the Placebo frontman continues: “I don’t think it’s got anything to do with fighting piracy or providing a service that’s good for the music industry and for new bands. They are just interested in making money at the expense of others. It comes from a place of just pure profit-making on their part.”


Following Godrich’s initial announcement, Thom Yorke responded to criticism on Twitter: “Make no mistake new artists you discover on ‪#Spotify will no get paid. Meanwhile shareholders will shortly being rolling in it. Simples,” he wrote. “‘Your small meaningless rebellion is only hurting your fans … a drop in the bucket really’ No we’re standing up for our fellow musicians.” He added: “For me ‘In Rainbows’ was a statement of trust. People still value new music…That’s all we’d like from Spotify. Don’t make us the target.”

Meanwhile, Radiohead’s co-manager Brian Message has also commented on the debate, saying that Spotify will ultimately offer artists “equitable remuneration”. Speaking to NME, a spokesperson for Spotify confirmed that its long-term goal is to make sure artists are properly remunerated for putting their music on the service. Radiohead albums such as ‘The Bends’, ‘OK Computer’ and ‘Kid A’ – all released on EMI and all produced by Godrich – are still available to stream on Spotify.

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