You e mailed us, you scribbled on dog-eared exercise books, you wanted to grill Placebo and over the next few days, we give you their answers...

It has worked with the Manic Street Preachers, and now, in the second of NME‘s ongoing series, spunk rockers PLACEBO must answer your passionate enquiries, too.

Such questions you have. Questions about underwear. Questions about fears and loathings. Questions about what MICHAEL STIPE smells like. Some have glitter on them, others are written on maths books, while others have e-mailed for an answer to life itself. We can only ask.

And it is thus that we grab PLACEBO drummer STEVEN HEWITT, bassist STEFAN OLSDAL, and singer BRIAN MOLKO and ask them…


What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done on drugs? (Alison Green, Schwyz, Switzerland)

Brian: “At a SPICE GIRLS party, I told the American representative of our record company that they could take their record company and shove it up their arse. And I insulted somebody’s wife at the same party, in front of the Spice Girls, and got picked up and thrown across the room. That was pretty embarrassing.”

Stefan: “I mistook Scarlet Page (daughter of Led Zep guitarist Jimmy) for Liv Tyler (daughter of Aerosmith singer Steve). I went up to her and said: ‘You’re that famous guitarist’s daughter! Liv Tyler!'”

What are your earliest memories? (Russel Hope, Netherlands)

Brian: “I remember being in Africa, and we had a housekeeper. And I have this image of being in my cot and it looking like a jail cell, and she was sweeping up. I think I was about two.”

Steve: “Being about four years old and running up the drive when my mum called me, and falling over, and sticking my teeth through my tongue and bottom lip and it all being stuck together.”


Stefan: “I remember running down a gravel hill near my parents’ house when I was about five, and just falling down. And smashing my whole face up.”

Did you have a lot of teenage angst when you were younger? (Matt Thomas, Aberdeen)

Stefan: “Mine came a little later. Mine came when I was about 18 or 19 (Er, isn’t that a teenager? – Ed).”

Brian: “I had a lot. I was a very frustrated, lonely and anti-social young man. I felt very alienated and very bored as well.”

What do you think about the way you’re worshipped like Richey Edwards was? (Caroline Jarvie, Glasgow)

Brian: “To be honest, you kind of try and shut it out of your mind as much as possible, otherwise it ends up being a cross you have to bear, really. And it’s much healthier to just ignore it, because it’s so easy for your feet not to be on the ground anyway, that if you acknowledge it you could end up getting completely carried away. It’s absolutely flattering. But often I feel quite undeserving of it really.”

When you go out on a date, are your dates ever intimidated by the fact that you’re rock stars? (Sebastien, Koszalia, Poland)

Brian: “I don’t think we would ever go out on a date with anyone who is intimidated. It’s hard to find people who are relaxed around you, but you wouldn’t want to go out with anyone who felt nervous in your presence.”

Steve: “Don’t know. I’ve more important things to worry about.”

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