PLACEBO have hinted their third album may take a less guitar-based direction...

PLACEBO‘s BRIAN MOLKO(pictured middle) has said their next album will be more loop and sample-based and will shy away from the distorted guitars that have typified their style so far.

Molko was speaking at a press conference in London last week at the soon-to-be launched music cafe Sound Republic to promote Placebo’s upcoming European tour. Their second album, ‘Without You I’m Nothing’, will be released on October 12.

The Placebo singer said that the band intended to write more material using loops and samples, as evidenced by their recent Top 10 single ‘Pure Morning’. Their new album is likely to be recorded early next year.


Molko said: “We delivered out album before we did B-sides or Pure Morning, and that was a revelation. It was the first time that we walked into a studio with a loop and then built a song around it. That’s an indication.

“Our favourite album of the last year is the UNKLE record.”

Molko said re-mixes of ‘Pure Morning’ by Howie B and Les Rythmes Digitales had also had an effect on the band’s future plans.

“Originality is something most musicians battle with,” said Molko over questions that the band’s sound was re-hashing elements of goth and glam. “In this post-modern climate people are more interested in taking elements of what’s been before and putting them in a different way.”

Molko also defended the movie Velvet Goldmine, in which he makes an appearance and for which Placebo recorded T Rex’s ’20th Century Boy’. The film, which stars Ewan McGregor as a fictional early 70s glam star similar to Ziggy-era David Bowie. But Molko said the movie shouldn’t be seen as a glam time capsule. “Glam to me was Gary Glitter, Mud and The Sweet – lager louts dressing up in their mothers’ underwear”.

Meanwhile, the full dates for the European tour, are as follows: Brussels Botanique (November 11), Lillie Aeronef (12), Nantes Olympic (13), Madrid Caracol (15), Barcelona Bikini (16), Toulouse Bikini (18), Marseille Theatre du Moulin (19), Milan Rolling Stone (20), Lyon Le Transbordeur (21), Munich Incognito (23), Cologne Prime Club (24), Berlin Loft (26), Hamburg Logo (27), Amsterdam Melkweg (28) and Paris Bataclan (30).

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