Black Market Music can be listened to in its entirety a week early...

PLACEBO are to make all 12 tracks from their new album ‘BLACK MARKET MUSIC’ available on the Internet one week before its official UK release on October 9.

From October 2, fans will be able to listen to all the tracks on a ‘webring’, details of which can be found at [url=]www.placeboworld.co.uk, or at www.the-raft.com/placebo.

The tracklisting for the album is: Taste In Men Days Before You Came Special K Spite & Malice Passive Aggressive Black Eyed Blue American Slave To The Wage Commercial For Levi Haemoglobin Narcoleptic Peeping Tom

The band will also be taking part in a live online chat on Friday, September 29, at 6pm GMT. Fans can log questions for Brian, Stefan and Steve now at [url=]www.placeboworld.co.uk. The chat itself will also be broadcast live at www.freeserve.com and www.virtuetv.com.