PLACEBO are set to release the first single off their new album in August...

PLACEBO are set to release their new single ‘Pure Morning’ on August 3.

The song will be issued on two-CDs in order to get round new chart rules limiting the number of tracks on singles to three. CD1 is backed by ‘Mars Landing Party’ and ‘Leeloo’, while CD2 delivers extra tracks ‘Needledick’ and ‘Innocence Of Sleep’.

‘Pure Morning’ is taken from the band’s as-yet untitled second album, recorded over an eight-week period at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in Bath earlier this year. The album, scheduled for release in September, was taped with producer Steve Osbourne, whose previous credits include Happy Mondays’ ‘Pills’N’Thrills And Bellyaches’, as well as records by U2, Curve and Headswim.


A source told NME the single was like a radically slowed down ‘Nancy Boy’. Part of the lyric runs: “A friend in need is a friend indeed/A friend with weed is better/A friend with breasts and all the rest/A friend who’s dressed in leather”.

Singer Brian Molko revealed more to NME about the album: “It’s definitely a strange record. It’s either very fierce or very down. I think it might confuse people just because it’s so incredibly schizophrenic. There’s maybe only two songs that have the same vibe to them. It’s also a record of extremes, because when it’s down it’s really down.”

“I think the madness of what happened to us comes through, and that’s why it’s so schizophrenic. There’s a lot of me baring my soul, a lot of me trying to deal with what I went through. If the first album was all about sex, then this one’s about broken hearts. It’s a deeply emotional record, and very sad in places. I think I really cut myself up while I was making it.”

Placebo appear on the Glastonbury Festival Second Stage this Saturday (June 27).

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