Placebo, Anton Corbijn and more share playlists in tribute to REM

'No other band has moved me more'

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of REM‘s seminal album ‘Out Of Time’, friends, fans and collaborators have shared exclusive playlists of their favourite tracks by the band. See below for the selections of Placebo‘s Brian Molko, photographer Anton Corbijn, Above & Beyond’s Tony McGuiness, and tennis great Jim Courier.

Brian Molko – Placebo
“Michael is an enormous influence on my vocal style. I grew up listening to REM, so I always was a really, really big fan. It’s one thing to know this person and to have an exchange with them but then for them to actually come and work with you is something else; you’re far more vulnerable. But he was very, very gracious; he came, he adapted himself to the situation quite quickly and it was all done in a day. It cemented our friendship; we became proper mates after that. We’re still in touch. Overall it was a really good experience.

“There is a tone in his voice which has shaped mine on quite a major level because I spent a lot of time as a teenager singing along to their early albums, so Michael’s voice was part of me learning how to sing.”



Tony McGuinness – Above & Beyond
“I was extremely fortunate to be working at Warner Music UK during ‘Out of Time’ and the three subsequent albums. Heady days, indeed. REM changed my thinking, professionally and privately, about music, how it might be written and performed and how it might be presented to the public. No other band has moved me more, taught me more or inspired me more than R.E.M.”

Anton Corbijn – Photographer
“One of my most memorable moments with REM has to be that day in 1992 in Florida, near Miami, when due to jetlag I woke up very early in the house where I was staying with Michael. It was a house on the beach and the light was just fantastic so early on. In fact, so fantastic that I decided I should wake up Michael and suggest we do an early morning photograph. Not many (rock)stars would react favourably when woken up this early by a photographer ready to shoot you, but he did! We ended up shooting some great images of him under a shower, and standing on the beach. I treasure that day and that period with REM very much. We were kind of new to each other and that was very exciting.”

Jim Courier – Tennis Professional
The One I Love, “Losing My Religion” and “Everybody Hurts” are some R.E.M. songs that seem to belong to everyone. I probably love those songs as much as anyone else, since R.E.M. has long been my favorite band. But as great as those songs are, they aren’t the ones that make my “essential R.E.M. Playlist”. The ones on this playlist are the songs that felt like they were mine the first time I heard them and still do today. Some of these tracks were big hits and others weren’t released as singles. It’s an eclectic list from a band that covered a lot of different ground in their career. These are by no means the only vital R.E.M. tracks but they’d be in my “bug-out bag” if if I couldn’t take the entire catalogue with me.


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The 25 year anniversary reissue of REM’s ‘Out Of Time’ is out now.


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