Plan B: ‘Society needs to take some responsibility for the 2011 riots’

The British soul and rap star releases his comeback single 'Ill Manors' on March 26

Plan B has released an official statement about his comeback single ‘Ill Manors’, which is set for release on March 26.

In it, Plan B – real name Ben Drew – has said that he is highlighting the contradictions in British society concerning last year’s riots, with the new track. Scroll down to watch the video and listen to the song.

He said: “The world, and this country especially, is full of contradictions. I’m just highlighting them, I’m not condoning anything. I aired my feelings about the riots very publicly when they happened and I still feel the same way.”

He continued: “What happened in Tottenham in some ways I can understand but what happened everywhere else in the country was opportunism. I won’t justify it because I don’t agree with it. In fact it upset me so much I want to change it, so I wrote this song to bring the issue back to the forefront of public conversation. I feel it has been swept under the carpet and forgotten about, and it still needs to be properly addressed.” Drew added:

The point being made in my song ‘Ill Manors’ is that society needs to take some responsibility for the cause of these riots. Why are there so many kids in this country that don’t feel they have a future, or care about having a criminal record?

To read the full statement, go to:

Plan B‘s third album, also called ‘Ill Manors’, is out May 14 and a motion picture of the same name will be released on May 4.