Plan B: ‘I tried heroin at Glastonbury’

Singer recounts story of 'hopping over fence' and 'dropping pills'

Plan B, set to play the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury at 18.15 today (June 26), has spoken about his previous festival highlights and lowlights, including the time he tried heroin.

Speaking in today’s Observer Magazine, Plan B – aka Ben Drew – recalled his first visit to the famous festival in 2000.

“It is mad. A city in a field with no police: and that’s what’s good and bad about it. In 2000 the only thing we spent money on was train tickets. We was told there was this new multi-million pound fencing… we just walked up there, saw two pallets, climbed over and we was in.”

With only a four-man tent between eight of his friends, the rapper, who was 16 at the time, had to find an alternative to sleeping. “Two of us had to stay up all night. So we dropped a couple of pills.”

Speaking candidly about his first Glastonbury, Plan B went on to talk about his first experience with heroin, saying: “The one and only time I ever done it. It was horrible. I got hot, I got cold, got itchy, felt sick – like all the withdrawal symptoms, all at once. I think I done too much.”

He also spoke of friends that he’d lost to the drug. “They’re not dead, but they may as well be.”

Plan B will play the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury later today (June 26).