Watch Plan B back tactical voting in the general election in ‘First Past The Post’ video

Plan B for PM?

Plan B has launched an appeal to young people across the UK to engage in this week’s general election through the video to his new politically themed track ‘First Past The Post’.

The ‘Ill Manors’ rapper and songwriter dropped the track yesterday (December 9) in an effort to encourage people not to waste their vote in Thursday’s election (December 12) by instead voting tactically.

The accompanying video to ‘First Past The Post’ is half-parody and half-basement rap show, with Plan B dressing up as a sleazy politician for the former. The clip also explains more about the UK’s current voting system through a series of helpful animations – check out the video below.


“Three and a half weeks ago I knew nothing about the First Past The Post voting system,” Plan B writes in an accompanying statement.

“Writing this song has been an informative exercise for me and the only agenda I have with this video is to try to inform others before this week’s election so that their vote counts for what it is they actually want. An uninformed voter is worse than a non-voter.

“It’s important that people, especially young people, are making an informed vote”, he adds. “I just speak about the shit we all see. That’s why your vote matters.”

Over the weekend, fans of Blur reacted angrily to Alex James’ admission that he can’t bring himself to vote for Labour while Jeremy Corbyn is their leader.