“I’d love to play the Egyptian pyramids”: Muse’s Matt Bellamy discusses tour ambitions ahead of new album ‘Simulation Theory’

The band show no signs of slowing down...

Matt Bellamy has spoken of his desire to play a concert at the Egyptian pyramids.

In an interview with The Times, the Muse frontman suggested that his band has no plans to halt its ambitions.

When asked if Muse would ever release an acoustic album to counter their maximalist rock music, Bellamy shook his head and replied: “I’d love to play the Egyptian pyramids, though. That would be interesting.”

Muse release their eighth studio album, ‘Simulation Theory’ on November 9. So far the band have shared five singles, including ‘Dig Down’, ‘Thought Contagion’, and ‘The Dark Side’.

Elsewhere in the interview, Bellamy discussed politics and why he’s chosen to disconnect more from the media.

“When you switch on the news, you see people arguing all the time, and it’s a turn-off. People are retreating from engaging because it’s unpleasant. One of the political statements on the album is the fact that wanting to disengage with debate is becoming more attractive than engaging with debate,” he said.
During the making of ‘Simulation Theory’, the singer bought a VR headset as well as visited Burning Man festival to escape from world affairs.
“It’s the feeling,” he continues, far more seriously, “of reacting to the political landscape and realising I don’t really want to know about the world any more. It’s about wanting to escape. It’s a desire to find the fun and the point in my own brain when I was a child, and things just seemed wonderful and easy.”
When ashed if he votes, he replied: “Yes, but I vote for the underdogs.
“I’ll give you a clue — I tend to vote in the environmental direction.”