“Please do not buy this wretched hate-paper”: Morrissey calls out The Guardian for its “hate campaign” against him

The former Smiths frontman took aim at the newspaper in a recent post on his website.

Morrissey has called out The Guardian newspaper for what he calls their “hate campaign” against him.

The former Smiths frontman has been attracting a lot of controversy as of late. He came under fire after sporting a For Britain badge during a number of live engagements in the US, most notably during a performance on the chat show The Tonight Starring Jimmy Fallon. He was also condemned by Billy Bragg for his public support of the far-right party, with Bragg branding Morrissey “the Oswald Mosley of pop.”

Last week, the musician responded to his “vengeful and paranoid” critics in an online post, writing: “Inventing Britain’s doomsday is the preoccupation of the tabloids, and they can hate you for having lived.”


On Friday (May 31), Morrissey shared a new post on the Messages From Morrissey page of his website, taking aim at The Guardian newspaper, which could be a response to an article published by the paper the day before titled: ‘Bigmouth strikes again and again: why Morrissey fans feel so betrayed,’ written by Tim Jonze.

“Given the inexhaustible Hate Campaign executed against me by The Guardian and their followers, I am pleased with the UK chart position for ‘California son’,” Morrissey began, referring to his latest album, before then adding: “BUT WHO WILL GUARD US FROM THE GUARDIAN? No one, it seems.”

He continued: “It is worth noting that their chief antagonist in this Hate Campaign is someone I took to court some years ago for writing lies about me. He lost his court battle then, and now he’s seeking his personal revenge by using The Guardian, who have been harassing everyone and anyone connected with my music imploring them to say something terrible about me for print. This is the open face of Soviet Britain.”

Ending the post by comparing the paper to “the late Mary Whitehouse,” Morrissey added that The Guardian “is the voice of all that is wrong and sad about modern Britain.”

Today (June 2), Morrissey followed up his first post by sharing an infographic that supposedly shows the circulation figures of newspapers in the UK. Captioning the post, “AND THEY WONDER WHY NO ONE WILL SPEAK TO THEM…,” the accompanying image shows The Guardian at the bottom of the list with a circulation figure of 138,000 copies in 2018.


Meanwhile, Morrissey‘s music has been banned from the world’s oldest record store in response to the singer’s continued support for the far-right.

Spillers Records in Cardiff is refusing to stock the singer’s celebrated back catalogue after a controversial appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last month.