Bret Michaels rep blasts Tony Awards following accident

Statement says more concerns would have been shown for Liza or Elton

A rep for Poison singer Bret Michaels has issued a scathing statement in response to a comment by a Tonys spokesperson following an incident involving the rocker at Sunday night’s ceremony in New York.

Michaels was hit on the head by a descending set piece as he exited the stage, and a Tonys rep said that the incident happened because the singer had “missed his mark”.

Now Michaels’ rep Janna Elias has responded to the comment, saying that Michaels was not warned of the set piece during rehearsals, and that if it had been Liza Minelli or Elton John that was injured, that more concern would have been shown.


“After a performance by singer Bret Michaels at the Tony Awards Sunday night, he turned to exit the stage and was struck in the head by a descending half-ton stage prop, sweeping him off his feet causing contusions to his face and knocking him to the ground. Even at that point of impact, the heavy prop was still not halted and continued to descend even though Michaels remained underneath it. Witnesses state the singer moved himself out of the way just moments before the prop touched down,” the statement reads, according to

“With all due respect to everyone working the Tony Awards, somewhere down the line there was a lack of communication and the prop should have been immediately halted until Michaels was clear. Sunday morning at rehearsals, Bret was never informed that the descending set piece existed, let alone would be moving into position as he was exiting the stage.”

Although Bret was visibly dazed, he remained extremely calm backstage as members of Poison‘s road crew brought him a towel to wipe the blood from his face. His only comment at the time was, “What the hell just hit me?” The severity of this injury is not being taken lightly as symptoms from head and neck injuries at first may seem like nothing and sometimes do not present for days. At this time, the full extent of his injuries remain to be seen until all x-rays are back. I find it surprising that a Tony spokesperson would brush off this incident with a comment stating, Mr. Michaels missed his mark,’ with no mention of concern for his condition. If everyone at the Tonys were aware that Bret missed his mark, then they should have been aware enough to stop the set piece from hitting him or at least slowed it down until he cleared the stage. I feel had this incident happened to Liza Minelli, Dolly Parton or Elton John, the Tonys would have at least issued a letter of concern.”

–By our New York staff.
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