Noel Gallagher responds to police hunt for lookalike licking windows in Swindon

The assailant was also said to be 'swigging from a bottle of White Lightning'

Police in Swindon are appealing for information after a ‘Noel Gallagher lookalike’ was seen ‘swigging from a bottle of White Lightning and licking windows’. Noel has since responded to the news.

On Sunday evening, Swindon North Police took to Facebook to reveal that someone baring a strong resemblance to the Oasis turned solo star had been making a nuisance of himself.

Gallagher has since responded on Instagram, writing: “Nowt to do with me mate. I’m still away on holiday.”


You know it’s going to be one of those shifts when you get a report of ‘A Noel Gallagher lookalike swigging from a bottle of White Lightning and licking windows!’

Posted by Swindon North Police on Sunday, October 22, 2017

Speaking to Metro, a police spokesman said: “We received reports of a man resembling Noel Gallagher in Swindon at around 5.30pm yesterday who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and was licking windows – not a ‘Wonderwall’ and he may have been ‘Half the World Away’.

“It’s believed he was with another person causing a general nuisance. The incident was nowhere near the Oasis, but in the town centre, near the Wyvern Theatre.”

They added: “If anyone heard or saw anything suspicious in the area, please Don’t Look Back in Anger but contact us on 101.”


Meanwhile, this weekend saw Liam Gallagher hit out at brother Noel‘s live rendition of the Oasis classic ‘Champagne Supernova’, before Noel slammed critics who side with Liam as ‘parka monkeys’.

When footage of him performing Oasis’ ‘Champagne Supernova’ came to his brother’s attention, he quickly took to Twitter to voice his disgust.

“Just heard Dolly’s version of ‘Champagne Supernova’ in Brazil,” said Liam, who originally sang lead vocals on the track. “Somebody needs to have a word. It’s really upsetting. My point is [that] just because you write it, doesn’t mean you should always sing it. Just saying.”

After Liam recently criticised Noel for his new single ‘Holy Mountain – slamming it as ‘annoying’ – Noel has now retaliated by sharing footage of him performing the song on Instagram, along with the caption: “And to think..The Parka Monkeys are not having it!!.. São Paulo knows.”

Liam Gallagher’s debut solo album ‘As You Were’ is out now, while Noel will release ‘Who Built The Moon?’ on November 24.