Police raid R. Kelly’s home after 911 caller claimed singer’s girlfriends were about to commit suicide

The anonymous call was made from the National Human Trafficking Hotline

Police raided R. Kelly’s home in Trump Tower, Chicago yesterday after a 911 caller said that the singer’s girlfriends were about to kill themselves.

That’s according to a report by TMZ which claimed that Azriel Clary and four other women had a suicide pact and were planning to carry it out.

The anonymous call, which police later confirmed was made from the National Human Trafficking Hotline, reportedly turned out to be a false alarm. Police entered Kelly’s property to find his attorneys inside, who assured officers that everyone was fine.


One of the named women, Clary, 21, has previously denied allegations that Kelly is abusive nor that he has ever held her against her will.

In an interview with CBS This Morning last week, Clary – along with Jocelyn Savage, 23 – told host Gayle King that they are in love with the singer and dispute all the allegations against him. The women’s parents believe that they have been brainwashed by Kelly and are being held against their will.

Clary’s father has claimed that she had underage sex with Kelly, which she denies. The 21-year-old accused her parents of encouraging her to make “sexual videos” with Kelly and then blackmail the musician for money.

In the interview, Clary said: “I’m crying, because you guys don’t know the truth! You guys believe in some fucking facade that our parents are saying.

“This is all fucking lies for money, and if you can’t see that, you’re ignorant and you’re stupid as fuck, because you want to be. All because that’s the world we live in. Negativity sells, gossip is what sells, rumours are what sell.”


On Monday (March 11), reports said that a man in Pennsylvania had handed authorities a video tape that allegedly shows Kelly abusing underage girls.

R. Kelly

Gary Dennis, an assistant at a nursing home, says he was cleaning out a box of old VHS tapes at home when he found the footage. He claims he initially believed that the tape showed Kelly in concert and he does not know how it came to be in his possession.

The news follows Kelly pleading not guilty to 10 counts of sexual abuse last month, before being released from jail this month on $100,000 bail.

Claims of Kelly’s sexual activity with underage girls have resurfaced since the Lifetime documentary series Surviving R Kelly was aired in January. Buzzfeed had previously reported in 2017 that Kelly ran a sex cult. He has constantly denied all wrongdoing.