Pom Poko share high-energy new single ‘My Candidacy’

Their second album is out in November

Pom Poko have shared the second single from their forthcoming album in the form of scuzzed-out new single ‘My Candidacy’.

The high-energy track is the second single from the Norwegian group’s second album ‘Cheater’, to be released on November 6 via Bella Union.

“The song itself is about the wish to be able to believe in unconditional love, even though you know that there probably is no such thing,” the band said of the release. “We, at least, believe in unconditional love for riffy tunes with sing-song choruses.”


It follows the release of the single ‘Andrew’, which heralded the band’s shift into a spikier sound.

Describing ‘Andrew’, the band said: “’Andrew’ is a cool example of how our collective songwriting process allows us come up with stuff we’d never be able to come up with if we were just writing individually.”

Of the sonic change on their second album, singer Ragnhild Fangel said: “I think it’s very accurate to say that we wanted to embrace our extremes a bit more.

“In the production process I think we aimed more for some sort of contrast between the meticulously written and arranged songs and a more chaotic execution and recording, but also let ourselves explore the less frantic parts of the Pom Poko universe.


“I think both in the more extreme and painful way, and in the sweet and lovely way, this album is kind of amplified.”