Every member of Pond to release solo and side project albums on same day

Australian band, who feature members of Tame Impala, also confirm they are working on the follow-up to 'Beard, Wives, Denim'

All members of Pond are set to release solo albums and side projects on the same day, their guitarist has confirmed.

The Perth psychadelic rockers are comprised of two fifths of Tame Impala, whose second LP ‘Lonerism’ won NME’s Album of 2012 accolade.

Speaking to Tone Deaf, Pond guitarist Jay Watson said: “We’ve got so many records in our bands… Joe [Ryan], the dude with the afro in Pond, me and him have decided we’re going to drop our albums at the same time, same day, which should be fun. And Allbrook/Avery – Nick and Cam’s band – are doing it as well.”

He added: “We’re going to have an online poll. Me and Joe, ‘who’s album’s better and who’s more handsome’?”

Watson also confirmed that Pond are working on a raft of new material, which will form one of two follow-ups to their fourth album ‘Beard, Wives, Denim’. One of the albums, which has been given the working title ‘Hobo Rocket’ would be a “full on crazy fiend rock and roll album”.

“We’re all just recording stuff, Pond records, we’ve done one and we’re doing another one, and solo records and stuff,” he said. “We were going to do a really nice, beautiful orchestrated album, but we figured we might as well capture the live band as we’ve been touring… So that’s what ‘Hobo Rocket’ is, the full on, manic acid rock [album].”

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