Pond open up on working with Tame Impala and their love of Beyonce

"It's soaring and sounds kind of perfect"

Pond have opened up on working with Tame Impala and their love of Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’.

Speaking to NME backstage at End of the Road Festival, frontman Nick Allbrook hailed Beyonce’s vocal delivery as “immaculate” when asked to name his favourite pop album from the last year.

“I thought Lemonade was incredible”, he told NME.


“The enormity, the scope and the vision. The production, the lyrics, the delivery, her vocal delivery is immaculate every time. And like the best vocalists, it’s soaring and sounds kind of perfect but deeply emotional.”

Allbrook, who was formerly a touring member in Tame Impala, also opened up on touring with the Kevin Park fronted psych band.

“There’s no work process apart from practicing for live shows in Tame Impala. You just don’t do anything until it’s time to rehearse to play live and maybe listen to some of Kev’s demos, inevitably say wow”, he said.

“I’ve learnt heaps personally, but I’d never tell him that. I’ve learnt chords!”

Earlier this year, Pond also opened up to NME about how they enlisted the services of Kevin Parker once more to mix new album ‘The Weather’, which was released in May.


“There’s just no point in thinking about anything else. He’s like our best buddy – it’s not often you get the opportunity that your like best, best friend and bandmate is actually one of the most significant mixing and sound people in the world”, Allbrook said.