OK, so the Beyoncé and Adele collaboration with OneRepublic isn’t happening

Frontman Ryan Tedder said the pair had recorded a song for his band with Coldplay's Chris Martin

Beyoncé and Adele have not recorded a song for OneRepublic, the lead singer’s representative has confirmed.

The band’s frontman Ryan Tedder said on Saturday (September 28) that the pop queens sing on a forthcoming OneRepublic track and are joined by Coldplay’s Chris Martin on piano. He added that his band’s next album will be out in 2020.

But a representative for Tedder told CNN today (September 30) that Tedder was joking about the collaboration.


The ‘Counting Stars’ singer appeared to let the news slip prematurely in a video interview filmed backstage at Global Citizen festival 2019. Tedder was talking to a reporter about his band’s new album, which is slated for release in 2020, before suddenly announcing that Beyoncé, Adele and Martin all feature on a song together.

“I don’t wanna talk….” Tedder is heard saying at the end before the footage cuts out.

Confirming the joke on Instagram, Tedder wrote: “Me, utilizing ‘sarcasm’, ‘kidding’ and a ‘joke’ simultaneously. Ya, we have one song featuring Beyonce, Adele and Chris Martin, but I don’t wanna talk about it or give too much away.”

That said, Tedder is still up for making it happen.

“All that said, wouldn’t that be a [fire emoji] collab? I’d stream it,” he wrote.


The song would be the first time that Beyoncé and Adele that have appeared on a track together. Of course, for now it remains a dream collaboration.

Beyoncé and Martin joined forces on Coldplay’s ‘Hymn For The Weekend’ in 2015, which was the second single released from the band’s seventh studio album ‘A Head Full of Dreams’.

Adele’s fourth album is expected to arrive in time for Christmas – read a summary of the rumours and what we know here.

Meanwhile, Beyoncé has unveiled a new documentary on the making of her ‘Lion King’-inspired album and Coldplay have been announced to play 10-hour charity show in 2020 for Global Citizen alongside Billie Eilish and Metallica.