Listen to Pop Smoke’s posthumous guest feature on Fredo’s ‘Burner On Deck’

The late rapper is one of the guests on Fredo's new album 'Money Can't Buy Happiness'

Pop Smoke‘s posthumous guest feature on Fredo‘s new album ‘Money Can’t Buy Happiness’ has been released – you can hear their collaboration ‘Burner On Deck’ below.

Announced only last week, the west London rapper‘s new record has been released today (January 29).

‘Burner On Deck’ sees Fredo and Young Adz teaming up on record, with the song also featuring a posthumous verse by Smoke which was recorded prior to his death in February 2020.


You can hear Fredo’s ‘Burner On Deck’, featuring Pop Smoke and Young Adz, below.

Elsewhere on the album Summer Walker guests on ‘Ready’, while the LP’s executive producer Dave features on the track ‘Money Talks’. You can see a trailer for ‘Money Can’t Buy Happiness’ and the tracklist in the below Instagram post.

“I want to apologise for the wait,” Fredo said in a statement about his album. “I had a whole different style album that didn’t really mean anything to me. Meanwhile a lot was going on in life that I was angry and confused about. I really thought that once you have money you can’t not be happy inside even if stuff’s going on but it’s not like that. I felt like the project I was working on before was me but doesn’t really explain me.

“I don’t want people thinking that certain things I rap about are important or the key of life because they’re not. Most things I rap about are just what I been through or reality for me and my friends.”


Last week saw the release of the latest trailer for the film Boogie, which stars Pop Smoke in a role filmed before his death.