The former Pop Will eat Itself frontman and the dance guru are to contribute to each other's records...

CLINT MANSELL, erstwhile POP WILL EAT ITSELF frontman-turned movie soundtrack composer, is set to appear on the next album by PAUL OAKENFOLD.

Oakenfold will, in turn, be one of the main contributors to a remix album of the soundtrack to Clint’s ‘Requiem For A Dream’, which is the second score he has written for director Daron Aronovsky, and also features the Kronos Quartet.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM from his base in New Orleans, Clint, whose first foray into soundtrack composition was for the cult hit ‘Pi’ said: “He saw ‘Requiem’ and absolutely loved it, and asked if I’d be interested in working on a couple of tracks for his album. We’re now just trying to get our time scheduled together. He’s already done a remix of the main theme from the film, and next year we are hoping to release a full remix album of the soundtrack.”


Oakenfold is one of several figures who have been approached to work on the remix album, which also features a guest vocal from former Silverfish, Pigface and Ruby singer Lesley Rankine.

He has already finished the score to ‘Knockout Guys’, which stars John Malkovich, and next will be Brit-flick ‘The Hole’, a dark thriller starring Thora Birch. He explained: “They liked ‘Requiem’ and wanted to do something that blends traditional strings with contemporary scores. A lot of the film takes place in this bunker, so it lends itself more to tension-filled sounds, with undertones of dread-type of thing.”

Pop Will Eat Itself split in 1996, when Clint moved to New York, and he still regularly keeps in touch with the rest of the band and former associates The Wonder Stuff, who have five reunion gigs lined up for London. A PWEI reunion isn’t on the cards at the moment (“we don’t know where half the samples are!”). And while he has not ruled out possibly making records as a solo artist in the future, he added: “I don’t know if I’ve really come up with anything particularly that special. When I was in a band it was great making records and touring, but none of those things appeal to me at the moment.”

Meanwhile, Clint has contributed a DJ set, which includes some of his recent tracks, to Radio Nothing, the online radio service for Trent Reznor’s Nothing record label, to which Clint is signed. It is under the name Raw Stylus. To listen, go to


. Tracks can also be heard at his own website,



‘Requiem’ is released in the UK in January.

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