Poppy and collaborator Titanic Sinclair settle lawsuit with Mars Argo

It's all over.

Singer and Youtube sensation Poppy and her collaborator Titanic Sinclair have settled their lawsuit with fellow musician Mars Argo.

Poppy  (real name Moriah Pereira) has amassed millions of fans, followers and Youtube views over the last few years, renowned for her bizarre, twee and stark presenting style. Also known under the name That Poppy, she has also the albums ‘Poppy.Computer’ and last year’s ‘Am I A Girl?‘ on Diplo’s ‘Mad Decent’ label last year.

Last year, Poppy was accused of copying Youtube star Mars Argo – with the assistance of producer, songwriter and director Titanic Sinclair.

Argo (real name Brittany Sheets) and Sinclair (real name Corey Michael Mixter) were a couple of five years, during which time they created 92 successful Youtube videos which featured her singing. It was then claimed that following the breakdown of their relationship, he copied their ideas with Poppy. It was claimed that  Sheets suffered “severe emotional and psychological abuse and manipulation from Mr. Mixter,” while Pereira was claimed to be “a knowing accomplice to Mr. Mixter’s unlawful actions.”

The lawsuit read: “From November 2014 to the present, through the Poppy project, Mr. Mixter and Ms. Pereira as Poppy, deliberately copied Mars Argo’s identity, likeness, expression of ideas, sound, style, and aesthetic in YouTube segments, music videos, live performances, internet videos, and other performances or shows.”

Argo then sued the pair, claiming for a number of issues including copyright infringement and emotional distress.

“Both Mr. Mixter [Titanic] and Poppy are frauds,” said Argo’s lawyer Matthew Umhofer. “Their only artistry is con artistry: Their only original creation is the suffering they’ve caused my client.”

Brown Chernobyl, Mars Argo, Astro Almost and Titanic Sinclaire of the band Mars Argo attend Art and Music Of The Beatles at Gibson Guitar Entertainment Relations Showroom on January 22, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California. Credit: Paul Redmond/WireImage

Now, the suit has been settled. In legal documents seen by NME, none of the parties acknowledge liability of wrongdoing. It was also agreed that Poppy and Titanic would not be in contact with Argo, no disparaging comments would be made public, and that any compromising photos of Argo in Sinclair’s possession would be destroyed.

“From the start, Poppy and Titanic have adamantly denied the accusations made by Brittany Sheets, aka Mars Argo,” said Poppy’s attorney in a statement to NME. “While Poppy and Titanic were eager to defend themselves in a public forum, where all of the evidence could be considered by a fact-finder – not just the hand-picked, out of context snippets that Ms. Sheets placed in her court filings – all parties have agreed to mutually walk away from any and all claims that either party might have asserted with no money exchanging hands.

“Poppy and Titanic are happy to have this ordeal behind them.”

Mars Argo is yet to respond to the settlement.

Last year also saw a feud erupt after Poppy accused Grimes of ‘bullying‘ over the release of their collaboration ‘Play Destroy’. Grimes later denied the accusations, claiming that she was forced into a “disgusting situation”.

This weekend saw Poppy attend Marilyn Manson’s 50th birthday party – with whom she plans to collaborate in future.