Poppy teases new music: “This is the dress I want to be buried in…”

Her Instagram has been wiped with the exception of one eerie new video

Poppy has been teasing the dawn of a new era on Instagram.

Barely two months after the release of her new EP ‘Stagger’, the singer is already suggesting new music is on the way. Her Instagram has been completely wiped, bar an eerie teaser video, with her profile picture removed.

In the black-and-white clip, Poppy is seen lying in a coffin, screaming something incomprehensible. The video’s equally eerie caption reads: “this is the dress I want to be buried in…” You can see the clip here.


Poppy spoke to NME about ‘Stagger’ at this year’s Reading Festival, where she debuted its lead single ‘F.Y.B.’. The EP was written in December 2021, representing a “mini snapshot” of her life at that moment.

Poppy. Credit: Press.

She also spoke about feeling like an outsider, and letting that shine during her performances. Asked what to expect from her set at R+L, she replied: “That’s a very broad-reaching question, and the fact that other people like it as well is very heart-warming.

“I don’t think you need to necessarily find your place in life to be happy, and I think always having a seek, search, exploration, exploratory mentality about it is the journey. Steps are a part of the picture, and you don’t need to find one specific place. You can be in many places.”

Asked what advice she has for those who feel like outsiders, she said: “You’ll be fine if you never find your place.”

Poppy recently completed her ‘Never Find My Place’ UK tour. Most of the European dates, however, were cancelled “due to the current climate” making it “nearly impossible for us in the US to get over to most of Europe.”



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