Porridge Radio team up with Chicago’s Lala Lala for lockdown collaboration ‘Good For You’

The track was created entirely while in quarantine

Porridge Radio vocalist Dana Margolin has teamed up with Chicago-based artist Lala Lala for a new lockdown collaboration.

‘Good For You’, which is out today (July 2), was written and recorded entirely in lockdown – listen to the new track below.

Speaking of the new track with Lillie West, Margolin says: “‘Good For You’ landed on me one morning early on in lockdown when I was eating breakfast. I really love Lillie’s music, and we were vaguely in touch through the internet, so when Lillie got in touch asking if I wanted to make a song together, and then a few days later I’d written this song, it felt really right to collaborate on it.


“I really loved what Lillie added from the start, and it really organically and easily came together from there. Sam [who drums in Porridge Radio] added parts and produced the song, and it was a really easy and fun process because of the way they both responded to it.”

‘Good For You’ is Porridge Radio’s first new music since the March release of their second album, ‘Every Bad’. Giving the album a five-star review, NME wrote: “Porridge Radio nail some of music’s hardest tricks – breathing fresh life into indie and making a record that can loosely be compared to other bands in fragments, but also feels entirely their own.”

In an NME Big Read cover feature around the release of ‘Every Bad’, Margolin said she has “always known that we’re the best band in the world,” adding: “When I write, I write from a very honest and vulnerable place.

“What I want is to be open so maybe other people feel like they can be open, you know? I want to be emotional because I am emotional, and I want other people to feel like they can also be open in that way, and to connect.”