Portishead left awestruck by Chuck D guest appearance

'I could give up music now' declares Geoff Barrow of Public Enemy collaboration

Portishead have spoken of their delight at being joined onstage by Public Enemy‘s Chuck D at the Primavera Festival in Barcelona last month (May 29).

The rapper joined the band for ‘Machine Gun’, the first single to be lifted from Portishead‘s comeback album ‘Third’.

Speaking about the collaboration Portoshead’s Geoff Barrow told Thequietus.com that he could quite happily give up his music career after being on stage with the rap legend.

“It was a boyhood fantasy of mine…I was just laughing all the way through,” he explained.

Barrow added that and the 1987 Public Enemy album ‘Yo! Bum Rush The Show’ and the band’s track ‘Rebel Without A Pause’, which appeared on the 1988 follow-up ‘It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back’, were turning points in his musical life.

Feeling humbled when he spoke to the hip-hop legends, Barrow added: “You definitely feel like some fucking tit talking to them, they’re so heavy. I think I said ‘We would be honoured’ about 12 times’.”

You can watch the performance below.